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Helen Le Biography

Helen came to Cypress as a young parent to provide her family with quality schools and economic opportunities to succeed. As a resident of nearly 22 years, she wants to ensure Cypress continues to be a city where all families can build a foundation for success regardless of their background.

Helen is the daughter of Korean immigrants (Kim family). Her mother, a nurse, and her father, a Vietnam War veteran, instilled in her the values of hard work and personal responsibility. Helen graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors in Mathematics and served for 10 years in banking and wealth management as an administrator overseeing managed trust and investment relationships.

Helen is currently President of her condominium homeowners association board of directors. She has been a board leader for 17 years and advocates to ensure all residents' voices are heard. She has led efforts to set best practices to establish leadership transparency, accountability, and responsible community and fiscal management while ensuring the needs of homeowners, residents and our community property are met.

Eliminating ‘fraud, waste, and abuse’ and reinvesting back into the community has been key to progress and positive change. But there have been challenges along the way. Her neighbors, families and community are worth fighting for. Despite contentious issues, Helen seeks to build consensus to build a community on common ground, that is inclusive and grows together.

Helen is a champion of housing, education, special education, labor, health and safety, and the environment. As Councilmember, she will work to ensure Cypress is part of the solution to more affordable housing, living wage jobs, and sustainable new housing and business development. 

Helen is a proud parent of Cypress elementary school graduates. At her son’s high school, she collaborated with parents, school, county, and local PTA leaders to form a new PTSA unit. She currently serves as the PTSA President and member of the School Site Council and Parent Advisory Council to the Superintendent, AUHSD.

Her daughter graduated with Bachelors’ degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from UC Irvine and is currently pursuing her Masters in Astronautical Engineering at USC while working locally in the aerospace field.

Cypress has over one-third Asians out of a population of nearly 50,000 residents. But so far, the city has never had an Asian- or Korean-American woman serve on the council in its 65-year history.

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